Art Stitching Embroidery Class with Debra Weiss! (May 19th 1-4pm)

Art Stitching Embroidery Class with Debra Weiss! (May 19th 1-4pm)

Debra will be teaching her style of embroidery with layers which is not traditional embroidery on a hoop, but rather an artful form of the tradition. Debra's art practice is inspired by her many walks amongst the urban landscape, observing the pieces that make up a city. 

If you have a favorite scrap of fabric that you've been saving for a craft project, here's a chance to put it to good use! Bring it with you, as the pieces being created in this workshop are small. You will leave with a small embroidered object or sampler to enjoy.

We are so inspired by Debra when she comes into the shop as she always has a current work in progress, each stitching project so thoughtful and poetic from her larger pieces on fabric to her stitched art journals. We asked her about her practice and she wrote: "The layers of the landscape echo the layers of a life. My walks become a practice of noticing. As I walk, I become part of the imperfect geometry that is this Earth. My textiles honor the elements of my daily walks. They are a visual diary of my experience. I stitch my thoughts into cloth of many layers to create objects of beauty that tell the story of time."



Cost: $55 for a three hour class

Materials Needed: All materials included with class.

Date: May 19, 1-4pm

Level: All levels welcome! (Including Beginners!)

Instructors: Debra Weiss

Link to purchase class: