Kureyon 283 Black, Royal Purple, Hunter, Indigo
Kureyon yarn in a basket
95 Kama
149 Soma
263 Ninohe
319 Hida
344 Zentsuji
377 Sumoto
51 Chiba
Kureyon 88 Asahikawa
Kureyon 90 Isesaki
Kureyon 153 Noboribetsu
Kureyon 150 Inazawa
Kureyon 283 Black, Royal Purple, Hunter, Indigo
92 Innoshima
421 Lizuka
438 Sakai

Kureyon Yarn


Noro Kureyon is the original Noro yarn.This rustic wool yarn celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018. An excellent choice when knitting or crocheting outerwear garments and for felting (fulling) projects. This beloved yarn has a devoted following. The name reflects how people in Japan say "crayon".

 Fiber Content 100% Wool

Care Instructions Hand wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry.

Weight 50g / 1.76oz

Length 110yds / 100.6m

Knitting Gauge 3.5-4 sts = 1” (2.54cm)

Suggested Needle Size 7-8 (US) / 4.5-5mm

Suggested Hook Size 7-H8

Made in Japan