Free Patterns

Linen Tote Bag

Just arrived beautiful linen yarn in bright turquoise and subtle lavender. It’s the perfect fiber for making a quick summer tote bag. Linen tote bag 2 skeins Fibranatura Flax (100% linen); 137 yds/125 m per 50 g US size G hook Ch4, sl st to 1st ch to form a loop. Rnd 1: Ch 3 […]Read more

A Cuddly Cactus

These are the cuddliest cacti around!  Pet ’em, squeeze ’em, accidentally brush against them- no pricks! Plus, they’re even heartier than their living counterparts, so no lack of watering or sunlight will do them in! The cactus is knit flat and then seamed and stuffed.  This pattern is very easy to alter and customize.  Try […]Read more

Lavender + Chocolate

This super soft and lightweight chill-blocker is worked from the top-down, using YO increases to create a triangular shape, in a basic eyelet stitch, with a few wide stripes thrown in to highlight the V-shape which results from the increases. If you’ve been wanting to try out lace, the basic eyelet is a great place to […]Read more

Mesh and Lace

Mesh and Lace is a hidden keyhole cravat.  A 1×1 ribbed loop is knit on the backside of the piece to pull the cravat through so it will stay wrapped exactly as snug as you like. The mesh and lace texture is created by knitting a strand of a silk and baby mohair laceweight yarn […]Read more

Broomstick Lace Minifnity Scarf

What’s that stitch?  Is it crochet?  Is it knitting?  That’s what your friends will ask as they study your minifinity scarf. Actually, it’s broomstick lace.  I’d always wondered what broomstick lace was, and then when someone told me you made it using a large knitting needle and a small crochet hook, I became even more […]Read more

Macrame Mason Jar Hanger

This is one of the simplest, most meditative macrame designs I could come up with.  It is made using two different colors of jute, and when it’s finished, it can hold a jar with flowers or a candle or jellybeans or anything really! Peacock feathers?  Drumsticks?  Your crystal collection?  You could even make a bunch […]Read more

The Odori Cowl

The Odori Cowl was born in one of those perfect bursts of random inspiration where out of the blue I knew exactly how many stitches to cast on, precisely what needle size for maximum drape, resulting in the complete and serendipitous usage of only 1 ball.  It was magical, one of those cherished and rare […]Read more

The ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Cowl’ Cowl

Using alternating rows of knit and purl, with a 100% silk yarn and a paillette mohair held together, the Twinkle Twinkle Little Cowl cowl (say that ten times fast) can be knit in a night, and is a perfect project if you have just learned how to knit and want to polish up your purls. […]Read more

Graffiti Wrap

Knit on the very biggest needles there are and using a simple eyelet stitch, the Graffiti Wrap is a great baby-steps introduction to lace knitting. This lace stitch really gets the most mileage out of the yarn.  Try the same pattern with smaller yarn and needles, and you will get a more delicate lace.  I […]Read more

My First Triangle Scarf

This triangle scarf is designed for the newbie knitter.  It is worked entirely in garter stitch (that means you knit every row), with simple yarn-over increases leaving little eyelets at the edge which are later used to attach the fringe to. You can make one of these relatively quickly and using only 1 ball of […]Read more

Dip-Dyed Convertible Scarf

This scarf uses color to create a “dip-dyed” effect and can be worn an infinite number of ways. Materials: US size 11 needles, 1 ball each in 3 different shades of Cascade Kid Seta,  jumbo darning needle Color Key: Main Color (MC): light blue, Second Color (2C): cream, Third Color (3C): red Instructions: Using 1 […]Read more

Lacy Beret: Chunky Edition

This pattern is essentially the same as the other Lacy Beret pattern on the blog except I have substituted a bulkier yarn and larger needle size, making the hat quicker to finish and cuter to wear. I used 2 balls of Katia Fabula, a creamy-soft, machine washable, big-and-bulky merino wool yarn that comes in an […]Read more

Fingerless Mitts: Seed Stitch

These super cute and cozy little mitts can be whipped up in less than an hour.  They are knit flat, and then sewn closed, leaving an opening for your thumb.  One size fits all!  If you do, however, come across an extra large or extra small hand, add or subtract stitches in 4s (ie. 36, […]Read more

The Whipped and Frothed Infinity Scarf

Super lightweight, yet completely cozy, this infinity scarf is crocheted using frothy whipped alpaca-wrapped cotton. All you need to know to make this is the Single Crochet Stitch!  Working a single crochet into only the front half of the stitch results in this classic rib pattern. This infinity scarf is worked flat, lengthwise, and then […]Read more

Sticks and Stones Cowl

This simple cowl is knit using Mango Moon Yarns Chakra, a cotton/ elastic yarn threaded throughout with beads and stones, super soft Rowan Alpaca Chunky. This is a great last minute gift, and perfect for brand new knitters as it only requires the knit stitch on huge needles. The piece is knit flat (just like […]Read more

Polaris Lace

I was feeling a little lazy about this blog entry, so I asked my boyfriend (who has an infant’s understanding of knitting) to just look at the picture and then write the copy.  I think he did a pretty good job!  Check it out: “This lovely Polaris Lace is a great project for the holidays!  […]Read more

The Whistler Infinity Scarf

Okay– so maybe this is actually a cowl.  I’m not really sure what the parameters of a cowl versus an infinity scarf are, so if anyone has any input, I welcome it!  All I know is this scarf is ellipse-shaped and you twist it around twice to wear it. I used Mango Moon Dharma, which […]Read more

Knitted and Scrunched Beanie

A clever twist on the classic floppy beanie.  Customize this slouchy, scrunched beanie with whatever ribbon or cord you like. The hat is made like an extra tall beanie, with eyelets at the beginning and end of every few rows to run the ribbon through for scrunching later.  Wear the scrunch at the back or […]Read more