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Eagle’s Nest Shawl

A little of this, a little of that...

I can’t take complete credit for the beautiful Eagle’s Nest Shawl.  I adapted the idea from a lacy neckwarmer a friend of mine walked into the shop wearing one day which I instantly loved!  (Thanks, Nathalie, for the great idea!)

Notice the placement of the fringe.

The Eagle’s Nest Shawl is built on two of my favorite concepts: a basic eyelet lace pattern, and 2-row stripes, with yarn carried up the side.

The third concept is to increase on each side of every row.

But of course,  the real key to the beauty of the Eagle’s Nest Shawl is choice of yarn.  The original version I adapted this one from used Noro, which I highly recommend, as it stripes itself.  Then you can use a solid colored yarn as the contrast stripe, and you create the illusion of millions of different stripes of color.

Work it!

For the Eagle’s Nest Shawl, I combined Eco Butterfly’s Pakucho Sport Organic Color-grown cotton with Be Sweet’s Andean Ball, which changes shades and textures on its own, going from colored cotton, to silky ribbon, to chunky unspun cotton roving.  The Andean Ball really gives this shawl its organic, nature-derived look.

With the fringe to the back.

Download a zipped PDF of the Eagle’s Nest Shawl pattern for free here.