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Mesh and Lace

Mesh and Lace, worn to the side

Mesh and Lace is a hidden keyhole cravat.  A 1×1 ribbed loop is knit on the backside of the piece to pull the cravat through so it will stay wrapped exactly as snug as you like.

Mesh and Lace, turned inside out

The mesh and lace texture is created by knitting a strand of a silk and baby mohair laceweight yarn together with a self-striping ribbon, and then, every few rows, the laceweight silk-mohair is knit alone.

Mesh and Lace – it scrunches in where the hidden keyhole is.

This is a good beginner-intermediate lace project.  It’s 2 rows repeated, so easy to memorize and work without having to refer to the pattern.  And then every 6 rows the laceweight mohair is worked single (with the ribbon yarn carried up the side) in a simple stockinette.

Mesh and Lace by Julie Edwards for The Little Knittery

Materials: 1 ball Cascade Kid Seta (yarn A), 1 ball Schulana Macaibo (yarn B), US size 10.5 SP knitting needles, stitch holder,  jumbo darning needle


Using Yarn A and Yarn B held together, cast on 31 sts.

Row 1:  Sl 1, K1, psso (pass the slipped stitches over the knit stitch on the right-hand needle, like when you cast off), *k1, (yo, k1, yo), k1, (sl 1, k2tog, psso).  Repeat from * until 4 sts remain, k1, (yo, k1, yo), sl 1, k1, psso.

Row 2: Purl every stitch.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 two more times (6 rows total.)

Rows 7 – 8: Using only Yarn A, knit a row, then purl a row,

Repeat rows 1 through 8 for 31″. having just completed a wrong side row using Yarn A and B together.

Now you will divide the yarn up for the Hidden Keyhole at the back of the piece: Slip 1 stitch onto the stitch holder and knit the next stitch.  Repeat this until you have every other stitch on the stitch holder.

Work a k1, p1 rib using the remaining 16 stitches and holding Yarn A and B together for 2.5″.  This will form a tight little ribbed section.

Now, put all the stitches back together: knit 1 stitch from the needle and 1 stitch from the needle holder until all 32 stitches are on the knitting needles again.

Now repeat Rows 1 through 8 from above for another 8″, making sure to maintain the right side and the wrong side of the fabric!  (So, look at your work after you get your 32 stitches back on the needle, and work the row that is facing you.  If you are looking at the backside, then work the purl row, if you are looking at the front side of the lace, work a lace row.)

Bind off on a lace row, in other words, you will be working a Row 1 while binding off.

The Mesh and Lace Hidden Keyhole Cravat