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The ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Cowl’ Cowl

Using alternating rows of knit and purl, with a 100% silk yarn and a paillette mohair held together, the Twinkle Twinkle Little Cowl cowl (say that ten times fast) can be knit in a night, and is a perfect project if you have just learned how to knit and want to polish up your purls.

The piece is knit flat, and then one end is sewn to the center of the piece, rather than the outside edge.  So what you end up having is a cowl with a big flap hanging off, which you can tuck in, turn inside-out, or just let hang down.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Cowl

Materials: US size 11 needles, 1 ball Himalaya Duke Silk Yarn, 1 ball Schulana Kid-Paillettes, jumbo darning needle


Cast on 38 sts loosely.

*Knit 5 rows.  Purl one row.  Repeat from * until piece measures 18 inches from cast on.

Cast off loosely, leaving a 10″ tail.

Using the darning needle, sew the cast off edge to the center of the piece, lining up the top corner with the top edge, and the bottom corner with the bottom edge.  You’ll end up with a small cowl with an extra flap hanging off of it.

You can wear the flap out, like a small scarf, tuck it in, like a cowl, or turn it inside-out with the flap folded over the edge, like a collar.

Weave in ends.