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The Whistler Infinity Scarf

Okay– so maybe this is actually a cowl.  I’m not really sure what the parameters of a cowl versus an infinity scarf are, so if anyone has any input, I welcome it!  All I know is this scarf is ellipse-shaped and you twist it around twice to wear it.

Totally Twisted.

I used Mango Moon Dharma, which is Nepalese silk fabric ripped up, recycled, and respun into beautiful handknitting yarn.  It’s super soft and drapey (softer than you think!) and almost has an angora-like haze to it.


The rib stitch in this pattern uses a twisted knit stitch, which makes the rib a bit more poppy and three-dimensional.

Thanks to customer Janna Whistler for inspiring me to make this!  It also comes out beautifully in Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky.

This pattern is so simple and short, I’m putting it right into this Blog Entry:

The Whistler Infinity Scarf, by Julie Edwards

Materials: 300 yds worsted weight yarn (I used 2 balls Mango Moon Dharma), US size 10.5 needles

Cast on 60 sts.  Work a K1tbl, P1 rib, making sure to knit all the stitches into the back loop (that’s what “tbl” means!).  This causes the knit stitch to twist.  Repeat this row until you finish both balls.  Cast off, and sew one end of your rectangle to the other.  Simple!

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