Free Patterns

Little Lace Nothing Scarf

This soft little lacy crocheted scarf is quick to make and perfect to stash in your bag in the event of an unseasonably chilly Summer night.Read more

Crocheted Farmer’s Market Bag

This little netted crocheted carryall has long been a favorite here at the shop.  It works up real quick– you could probably even finish it in one sitting, and then it’s ever so useful and cute. With only two balls of Kraemer Tatamy Tweed you could make 2 bags, each with a contrast strap.Read more

Lace Beret

This elegant beret has long been a shop favorite, and it’s suprisingly easy and quick to make. You’ll need a ball of chunky yarn.  I used Punta South American Cotton for this one.Read more

Vintage Bobble Cloche

Ah, the Vintage Bobble Cloche, so highly addictive to make and then so statement-makingly striking to sport.  I adapted this pattern from a 1970s Crochet pamphlet someone didn’t know what else to do with, so they gave it to me.  Total score! This cloche is best made from yarns that are lightweight, yet have plenty […]Read more

Cherish the Glove (And Headband)

So I was at the shop the other day, and my hair was really revolting against me.  It’s curly, which means if I sleep on it weird, it becomes, shall we say, avant garde. I had whipped up one of those knitted tie scarf cuties back in December, and it suddenly occurred to me I […]Read more
Bunny Love!

Bunny Love!

I equate Easter with sweets, being eight years old and frantically, breathlessly rifling through the house and around the backyard to find chocolate eggs, marshmallow bunnies, speckled jelly beans, malted milk eggs! Hence this fluffy felted bunny, complete with secret compartment to hide your high-fructose treasures once you’ve uncovered them. This bunny is adorable both […]Read more
Moss Stitch Cowl

Moss Stitch Cowl

Okay, maybe not really the blues. I mean, i did knit this once already over the last 2 days (Christmas 2010!) and decided it was half as big as it should be and took it all out and started it all over, but that just goes with the territory. No one said research and development […]Read more